The park-like areas in Viertola are located along the Keravanjoki river and, in the north, close to the Tikkurila Sports Park and Kylmäoja.

False oat-grass, a rare species in Vantaa, growing along the Keravanjoki river is one of the valuable nature sites. There is also a dry meadow, the Viertola meadow, next to the area; it is a locally significant area as several species of meadow and field vascular plants have been found there.

In the north, natural values are represented by the banks of the Simonlaakso brook. In addition to Viertola, it reaches the Ruskeasanta and Simonkylä areas. The brook bank is home to ostrich fern, meadow horsetail and long beech fern. There is often rotten wood on brook banks in the Tikkurila area, giving a growth place for rare, even endangered polypore species. The lesser spotted woodpecker also thrives on the brook banks.