Apartment block Sompasaari

Kapteeni Sundmanin katu 5
00540 Helsinki
  • Ready to move in
  • Apartment sizes: 36.0 - 109.5 m2
  • Vacant apartments: 0 / 38 units
  • Rented plot

Hitas-apartments by the canal in Sompasaari, Kalasatama

Takila is the first of four housing companies in the seaside residential block, located by a canal in Sompasaari, Kalasatama. Takila development is part of Hitas system (prices and quality of the apartments regulated by the City of Helsinki). There will be a selection of technically advanced apartments available, one, two or three bedrooms as well as lofts.

The application period of Takila’s apartments was 8.–19.5.2017. The lottery took place on Monday 22nd of May 2017, and the results (top 10 applicants for each apartment) are available here. All Takila's apartments are sold.

Kalasatama – a vibrant neighbourhood

Situated opposite to the canal, Takila enjoys close proximity to Kalasatama’s attractions. Enjoy an evening at the famous Flow Festival or spend a day in Korkeasaari Zoo with your family, both within walking distance of Takila. Kalasatama boasts its own metro station located beside the soon-to-be-completed shopping centre Redi. The recreational area of Musikkamaa is right on Takila’s doorstep. Thanks to the coastal walking and biking routes it is possible to reach downtown Helsinki in minutes.

Stylish lofts and modern technology

The Takila development consists of 39 apartments. The development includes seven stylish loft apartments, which feature high ceilings and a spacious living area combined with a loft-styled sleeping area. All Takila apartments feature large windows, and many of them also have a balcony or a patio. On the sixth floor there will be a sauna and spacious roof terrace as well as a club room, where you can spend time with your neighbours. Also the inner courtyard will offer lots of cosy places to relax and have fun.

The apartments are equipped with hydronic floor heating and cooling system. The ventilation can be adjusted separately in each apartment. You can monitor your usage of electricity and water in real time by a mobile application. The waste will be collected by an underground suction tube. Part of the house’s energy will be produced with solar power. As much as a third of Takila’s parking spaces will be equipped with electric car charging stations. The residents will also have access to a rented communal car.

What is Hitas?

The purpose of Hitas is to provide affordable private-owned apartments to Helsinki residents. The City of Helsinki regulates the prices and quality of Hitas apartments. The prices are based on actual construction costs, and the average price per square metre of each development is determined by the real estate authority. All Hitas plots are rented by the City of Helsinki.

There will be a lottery system for purchasing newly constructed Takila Hitas apartments. Hitas apartments are intended for personal use, and buyers can only own one Hitas apartment at a time. There are special regulations regarding selling your Hitas apartment. For further information (in Finnish only) please see the City of Helsinki Hitas information package.

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Residential complex information

Floors info The building consists of two staircases with 5–7 floors above ground level.
Lift Yes
Other properties Ground floor: a share of the parking hall, three storages for prams and outdoor equipment, two cleaning closets, recycling room, laundry and drying room, three reservations for chilled rooms and technical facilities. Floors 3-5: shared balconies in connection with the stairway. 6th floor: residential sauna, club room and a spacious roof terrace. The development has 17 parking spaces located in the unheated underground carpark. The parking spaces can be rented from the parking company. Six of the parking spaces are equipped with electric car charging stations.
Energy class C2013
Financing fee basis share count
Plot ownership Rent

Apartments and parking spaces

Apartment Type Sq. m. Floor Sales price (€) Debt-free price (€) Redemption of rented plot (€)
A 17 Loft 1h+kt+parvi 15,5 m2 51.0 6/7 Sold
A 18 Loft 1h+kt+parvi 15,5 m2 51.0 6/7 Sold
A 21 Loft 1h+kt+parvi 15,5 m2 51.0 7/7 Sold
A 22 Loft 1h+kt+parvi 15,5 m2 51.0 7/7 Sold
A 19 Loft 1h+kt+parvi 16,5 m2 36.0 6/7 Sold
A 20 Loft 1h+kt+parvi 16,5 m2 36.0 7/7 Sold
A 23 Loft 1h+kt+parvi 16,5 m2 36.0 7/7 Sold
B 25 2h+kt 45.5 2/7 Sold
B 29 2h+kt 45.5 3/7 Sold
B 30 2h+kt 45.5 3/7 Sold
B 33 2h+kt 45.5 4/7 Sold
B 34 2h+kt 45.5 4/7 Sold
B 37 2h+kt 45.5 5/7 Sold
B 38 2h+kt 45.5 5/7 Sold
B 24 3h+kt 70.5 2/7 Sold
B 27 3h+kt 70.5 2/7 Sold
B 28 3h+kt 70.5 3/7 Sold
B 31 3h+kt 70.5 3/7 Sold
B 32 3h+kt 70.5 4/7 Sold
B 35 3h+kt 70.5 4/7 Sold
B 36 3h+kt 70.5 5/7 Sold
B 39 3h+kt 70.5 5/7 Sold
A 2 3h+kt 71.0 2/7 Sold
A 6 3h+kt 71.0 3/7 Sold
A 10 3h+kt 71.0 4/7 Sold
A 14 3h+kt 71.0 5/7 Sold
A 7 3h+kt 74.0 3/7 Sold
A 11 3h+kt 74.0 4/7 Sold
A 15 3h+kt 74.0 5/7 Sold
A 3 3h+kt 75.0 2/7 Sold
A 1 4h+kt 87.0 2/7 Sold
A 5 4h+kt 87.0 3/7 Sold
A 9 4h+kt 87.0 4/7 Sold
A 13 4h+kt 87.0 5/7 Sold
A 8 4h+kt+rt+s 108.5 3/7 Sold
A 12 4h+kt+rt+s 108.5 4/7 Sold
A 16 4h+kt+rt+s 108.5 5/7 Sold
A 4 4h+kt+rt+s 109.5 2/7 Sold

Pictures of the residential complex