Apartment block Kalasatama

Capellanaukio 1
00540 Helsinki
  • Ready to move in
  • Apartment sizes: 42.5 - 121.0 m2
  • Vacant apartments: 0 / 20 units
  • Own plot

Modern city apartments close to the sea in Kalasatama

The Styyri development is located in the new urban area of Kalasatama. Styyri is one of three housing companies in the residential block. The apartments of Styyri are sold out, but there is still some storage space left for sale. Please contact our Housing sales for further information!

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Residential complex information

Floors info The building consists of two staircases with 4–5 residential floors.
Lift Yes
Other properties The development has 11 parking spaces for cars (sold separately) and one for a small vehicle in the car park under the courtyard. Some of the spaces are suitable for charging electric cars. The common facilities of Styyri include sauna facilities, a laundry and drying room. Styyri residents are entitled to use the club room and the gym in the adjacent developments. The courtyard is also shared with the two neighbouring housing companies. There is one commercial space on the ground floor. The common facilities include storage for personal property, prams and outdoor equipment and a civil defence shelter.
Parking spaces Indoor car park: 12 units
Energy class C2013
Heating District heating
Financing fee basis share count
Plot ownership Own

Apartments and parking spaces

Apartment Type Sq. m. Floor Sales price (€) Debt-free price (€) Redemption of rented plot (€)
A 6 2h+k+s 58.5 3/5 Sold
A 9 2h+k+s 58.5 4/5 Sold
A 12 2h+k+s 58.5 5/5 Sold
B 15 2h+k+s 60.0 3/5 Sold
B 18 2h+k+s 60.0 4/5 Sold
A 2 2h+kt 42.5 2/5 Sold
A 5 2h+kt 42.5 3/5 Sold
A 8 2h+kt 42.5 4/5 Sold
A 11 2h+kt 42.5 5/5 Sold
B 13 2h+kt 42.5 2/5 Sold
B 16 2h+kt 42.5 3/5 Sold
B 19 2h+kt 42.5 4/5 Sold
A 3 2h+kt 49.0 2/5 Sold
A 1 3(4)h+k+s 82.0 2/5 Sold
A 4 3(4)h+k+s 82.0 3/5 Sold
A 7 3(4)h+k+s 82.0 4/5 Sold
A 10 3(4)h+k+s 82.0 5/5 Sold
B 14 4(5)h+k+s 121.0 2/5 Sold
B 17 4(5)h+k+s 121.0 3/5 Sold
B 20 4(5)h+k+s 121.0 4/5 Sold
Number Type Sales price (€) Debt-free price (€)
AH 7 Indoor car park Sold
AH 8 Indoor car park Sold
AH 9 Indoor car park Sold
AH 10 Indoor car park Sold
AH 11 Indoor car park Sold
AH 12 Indoor car park Sold
AH 13 Indoor car park Sold
AH 14 Indoor car park Sold
AH 40 Indoor car park Sold
AH 41 Indoor car park Sold
AH 42 Indoor car park Sold
PAP 1 Indoor car park Sold

Pictures of the residential complex