Asunto Oy Vantaan Vihertikka, apartment C 62

The development of Vihertikka consists of two six-storey buildings and it is located in Myyrmäki, next to Martinlaakso in Vantaa. There is a comprehensive range of services nearby, and thanks to the railway connection commuting to Helsinki is very convenient. Vihertikka is situated right next to a green area.

The apartments are suitable for singles, couples and families, ranging in size from 44.5 to 89.5 square meters. All apartments feature a sauna, and many include also a walk-in-closet. The glass balconies provide extra living space from spring to autumn.

Apartment price details

Basic price€123,510
Debt-free price€366,950
Share of housing company loan€243,440
Price per square meter€4,100.00
Financing fee, interests only€285 / month
Financing fee, interest and instalment€1,385 / month
Maintenance fee€340 / month
Plot rent fee€209 / month
Plot redemption price€50,120

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Residential complex details

House type Apartment block
Address Loiskekuja 6 01600 Vantaa
Estimated completion time March 2017
Apartment sizes 44.5 - 89.5 m2
Vacant apartments 1 / 65
Plot ownership Rent

Surface materials and interior pictures

Similar apartments in the residential complex

Apartment Type Sq. m. Floor Sales price (€) Debt-free price (€) Redemption of rented plot (€)
C 62 4h+kt+s 89.5 6/6 123,510 366,950 50,120
B 22 4h+kt+s 89.5 1/6 Sold
B 24 4h+kt+s 89.5 2/6 Sold
B 28 4h+kt+s 89.5 3/6 Sold
B 32 4h+kt+s 89.5 4/6 Sold
B 36 4h+kt+s 89.5 5/6 Sold
B 40 4h+kt+s 89.5 6/6 Sold
C 44 4h+kt+s 89.5 1/6 Sold
C 46 4h+kt+s 89.5 2/6 Sold
C 50 4h+kt+s 89.5 3/6 Sold
C 54 4h+kt+s 89.5 4/6 Sold
C 58 4h+kt+s 89.5 5/6 Sold